I make art because I can’t do anything else.  I have to create drawings and objects.  I see art as a pollical rather than an individualistic action.  It’s about the sharing of experience amongst people.  My work takes the form of drawings and three-dimensional objects often using whatever is to hand.  

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  • Thinking about Adorno

    15th May 2020 by

    The Critical Theorist Theodor Adorno talked about ‘black as an ideal’. In my drawings I have taken this literally, though in other works I have interpreted this as paucity of materials. The drawings start off simply- drawing round my fingers, taking prints from my hand. Always dissatisfied with the results I wipe them out; paint… Read more

  • Joseph Brodsky

    13th May 2020 by

    Nature Morte “Death will come, and she will have your eyes”C. Pavese 1 Things and people ariseAmongst us. And both are stark,and both are hard on the eyes.It’s best to live in the dark. From a park bench, I spya family walking in-stride,that quickly passes me by.I am repulsed by light. It’s January. Calendars markwinter… Read more

  • Martin Creed 470

    8th Mar 2020 by

    If you’re lonely… Work… this is work. This is hard work. Talking about work is work. Thinking is work. Words are work. Words are things, shapes. It’s hard to compose them, to put them in any kind of order. Words don’t add up. Numbers add up! Things are everywhere. Everything is something, everything has something, but not everyone has… Read more

  • Anna Akhmatova

    7th Mar 2020 by

    Why Is This Age Worse…? Why is this age worse than earlier ages?In a stupor of grief and dreadhave we not fingered the foulest woundsand left them unhealed by our hands? In the west the falling light still glows,and the clustered housetops glitter in the sun,but here Death is already chalking the doors with crosses,and… Read more

  • Flowers in your Dustbin

    26th Jun 2019 by

    Where is the politics in art? How can making art be a political act? I will argue in my presentation that art is a fundamental human activity and its non-instrumentalism in an alienated capitalistic economy is a gesture of defiance. It’s in the small interventions we make, not in the didactics of “important” “political art”… Read more

  • Fingers

    20th Jun 2019 by

    Stephen Hunter, 2019 I believe that art should come from the everyday rather than through some ideological or expressionistic feeling. As an artist working at my desk, stuck for ideas, I spent a lot of time looking at my hands. I need to draw. My starting point are small everyday actions. For me, the making… Read more

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About Me


Postgraduate Diploma, Heriot-Watt University 1987

Bachelor of Arts (hons) Degree, Heriot-Watt University 1986

Since then I have exhibited all over the world as well as the UK; Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Japan and USA.


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